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Remine adds mailing label printing feature

Printing Mailing Labels

(If you haven't already registered your Remine account, 你可以在这里免费做)


And now it's live in Remine.

Remine Small

You can print as many mailing labels as you want with the click of a button from the您的REMINE帐户的跟踪页面。在这里,您可以按标签筛选您的属性,然后选择要为其创建邮件标签的属性旁边的复选框(您也可以单击“全选”)。

At this point the "Print Mailing Labels" icon will appear.Once you click this you can customize the details of your labels:

Recipient Name

Property Owner(s): The label will show the name(s) of the property owner(s).

"Current Resident": The label will show CURRENT RESIDENT instead of a name.


Property Address: The label will show the address of the selected property.

Mailing Address: The label will show the mailing address of the selected property's owner (often useful for absentee owners).

Label Type

Avery 5160:2 5/8“x 1”

Avery 5161: 4" x 1"

Avery 5162: 4" x 1.33"

Then click "Print",查看打印选项,and print the labels!

Have any questions on this or any other Remine features?点击这里and select "Remine" or "Remine Online" under "Course" to register for MRED 必威体育官网下载training.

For any additional help,you can chat with Remine's support team by clicking the blue and white button on the bottom right of the Remine screen.And you can always contact MRED's help desk by calling 630-955-2755 orsending us an email.

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