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客户在寻找运输选择?Use MobilityScore in connectMLS!


It was one of the most-requested additions for connectMLS… and now it's live!

您可以使用MobilityScore by Transitscreen来帮助客户了解他们感兴趣的列表中的附近交通选项,并在头脑中选择最适合移动的选项。

The MobilityScore tool displays an address' nearby transportation options on all MRED listings,在1-100尺度上评估移动性。Scores gauge public transit options as well as available carsharing,bikesharing,and hailed ridesharing services.The result is an easy-to-understand measure of transportation access that can play a major factor in home-buying decisions.

This feature is available on the connectMLS Modern View in two places:

  • Additional Information
  • "General" section of Listing Details

Along with the numerical score,每一个列表都包括一个从“最小”到“极好”的流动性的等级,以及其可用交通选项的详细列表(公共汽车,train,carshare,等)。Just click on the MobilityScore to see the full breakdown.

MobilityScore joins a diverse list of more than 20 必威体育官网product and service offerings in connectMLS,contributing to MRED's goal of providing everything you need to succeed.

Even more connectMLS enhancements are coming,and we're always open to feedback on how to improve our current offerings.有什么建议或问题吗?Contact the MRED Help Desk at 630-955-2755

6 responses to "客户在寻找运输选择?Use MobilityScore in connectMLS!"

  1. Karen Feldman 3月28日,2019 at 10:58 am

    i noticed this on my listing this morning,但家里得了65分,交通便利,so why the,what seems as low,score?who decides and what to do if incorrect?

  2. Christine Bong 3月28日,2019 at 4:00 pm


  3. 凯茜 March 29,2019 at 3:16 pm

    The question mark by the Mobility score,can it be omitted?一些经纪人觉得这看起来很糟糕。

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